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Frequiently Asked questions

How long will I wait for my Video?

We try our utmost to make sure you get your video as soon as possible.  However due to the long hours we put into the editing of your video to add our style of editing, the time will vary depending on the intricacy of that video. For weddings, delivery time can be anywhere from 6 Months – 10 months. Please note that if your shoot/editing falls over the December holiday period, your video will take a bit longer to be delivered but we will always keep you posted on updates. It takes us 1 month to complete one film because most times, clients book a highlight film as well as a full film which is normally 1 – 3 hours long and this takes a lot of time to complete.

Will you be putting my video on Social Media or your Website?

Yes, as a videographer/editor the work we do is something we are very proud of. Keep in mind that not all the videos we create will be shared on Social Media, only those that we are adding to our online portfolio. However, in the case where the video we produce will only be used by you in the distant future, we only add those on our website once it is in the public domain. You are allowed to request that we do not upload your video as well.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, with every shoot we require a 50% booking fee.  Your booking is only confirmed once the deposit has been received in our bank account/ you paid us cash.  If you have not yet paid your deposit, then the date you would like to book with us is then available to any other person willing to book that date. All deposits are non refundable after 5 days booking in the case where you cancel your booking as this day may have been available for someone else to book us.

The rremianing 50% balance is due upon completion of your video and will be delivered after payment has been made.

Do you offer discounts?

No, we do not.

When do you start editing my video?

We edit the videos in the order we filmed it. We will most likely notify you once we have begun editing your project.

My wedding is on a public holiday or over a long weekend, is there an additional charge?


Do I have a say in the Creative process of the video?

We generally brainstorm with the clients when we first meet and we listen to their ideas first and foremost. We then build around that. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned and in those cases, we go in a different direction in the style of editing. Simply put, we generally do not give my clients any say in the creative process but we definitely allow them to express their ideas and we keep those in mind. If you need specific shots such as formalities etc then yes, those we will not miss. we will always ask what shots are non-negotiable to be added.

Do you shoot alone?

Nope. Always 2 shooters and 1 assistant. Sometimes up to 4 depending on the project.

What does your Full Day Wedding Coverage include?

This is all explained on our wedding Price list

Can I get all the RAW footage you shoot?

You can purchase it from us for R3000. it will be delivered to you on an external hard drive. This will be done the same day we deliver your final film.

What Delivery Method do you use?

We deliver all our videos to my Clients’ on a USB memory stick. we do NOT deliver using DVDs. It’s very ‘old school’ in this day and age. Everyone has a Smart TV that you can plug the memory stick into. For shorter Videos non wedding related, we send them to you via WeTransfer/Google Drive.

How long in advance should I book?​

There is no correct answer here, but as soon as you know the date and have your venue(s) secured, then that is generally the best time to book. The sooner you book, the sooner you secure us for your date. However, not everyone plans way in advance, so if Your wedding is 3 – 6 months away, its probably too late.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us