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Meet the Team

Najmie Salie
Founder & Owner, A-Roll, Highlight Film Editor

8 years after leaving high school and countless hours slaving away at numerous jobs, I contemplated whether that would be something i would be happy doing for the rest of my life. I decided that i don’t want to live my life thinking ‘what if’. Nobody should live their life like that. So in April 2017, I decided to pursue the journey in film-making… and here I am now, happier than ever that  i took that leap of faith to follow my passion.

Mogamad Salie
Co-Owner, B-roll, Sound Design, Colour Grading, Full Film & Sneak Peek Editor

Holder of a LLB Law Degree, I finished my studies and graduated in 2013. I knew I hated what I studied but there was no way out of it without having to pay back a loan that I could not afford. I don't regret graduating though as I found out who I am as a person because of it. Luckily my academic marks were good enough for my loan to be paid off without me having to contribute to it. I love making a difference for people less fortunate than I am. I grew up with little financially and I'm grateful for everything I have. Wherever possible, I will always help.  I started out by helping Najmie build and make his dream a reality, and realised very quickly I loved what he was doing just as much as he did. He helped me to learn editing and Within one year, we built something great which continues to grow every day.  We are both self taught so we learn every day. Thankful to have found something I love doing. This is only the beginning.

Bilal Mahdi
Drone Operator, C-Roll
Thaakir Salie