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Price/Package Adjustment


There’s something that’s been bothering me for about 3 months now and I feel like now is the right time to address it. We will be making adjustments to a few things as currently, I am just not in a good space mentally on how we are killing ourselves to create (in our opinion) great wedding films. As you all know, Weddings is all we’ve been shooting for the past few months. Don’t get me wrong. It is a lot of fun filming a wedding… but the problem has come in at the post production stages. I have declined at least five very cool projects this year that I would have loved to have been a part of that isn’t weddings. I’ve also declined 4 weddings already around March and April… All because it takes us at least one month of all nighters including weekends to find unique songs, and think of a new way to tell a couples story, new intros etc etc to finish one film… And right now, we have seven weddings waiting to be edited.. everytime we finish one wedding, we film another one and the backlog is not getting any less. Technically, that means that we will always be in a backlog of 6 – 7 Wedding (i.e always 7 months behind), trying to catch up and finish a film, and no matter how hard we work to complete one film that we feel is a great end product, at the end of the day it still takes one month of unhealthy living on our part to complete it… and this is something we simply can no longer go on doing.

With that being said,  we’ve now reached the point where for the amount of money we charge for our Wedding films, it’s just no longer worth it to keep doing it. After many discussions with my bro, we were on the verge of giving Wedding Films up and just focusing on corporate work and other projects that takes way less effort, pays good and takes way quicker to complete… but because we love weddings so much (and I feel we are pretty damn good at it), we decided instead of giving weddings up, that adjusting the packages and pricing would be the best way forward and this is what this message is for… to let you all know that we have adjusted our Packages and pricing. Its no secret that we put an extreme amount of effort into our wedding films, and that’s simply because we do it full time. First off, We edit a highlight film that is way longer than anyone elses (Take Bashiera’s Wedding for example – 31 minutes that is highly edited)…that highlight film is still completely different to the full film ( Which is 2 – 3 hours almost always) and up until this point, the highlight film was basically never included in the pricing.. Basically making me edit a highlight of a nikkah in a cool way, and reediting the reception again in a cool way… all for free. This will now be changing.

We also now have an assistant on all weddings which we never charged the client extra for but because of our rapid shooting style, an assistant is something we now need, not want. Money was never my first priority when I started this 1 and a half years ago but the team has grown, our skills have grown, equipmwent list has grown and the opportunities for us has grown… but our pricing has remained relatively the same..

Alhamdulilah I’m are very grateful for how far we’ve come and how much better we are becoming. However, plain and simple we are killing ourselves working this hard. I never have time for anything at all. I don’t want to reach the point where I begin hating what I do. The past two months I’ve been going to sleep at 7am almost every day and I can’t function anymore like this. I feel we have reached a point where we’ve proven ourselves creatively in the wedding industry. As a result, This adjustment of pricing and changing the packages is what is needed to change this because at the rate we are going now, I’ll become depressed. The new packages are available and is effective immediately.  At the end of the day we have to sustain our responsibilities such paying house bills etc etc… as well as plan for our future. (believe it or not, I also would eventually like to get married lowkey and with the current lifestyle, its totally impossible). People in the wedding industry have told me for a while now that for what I offer, I charge too little. Initially I never thought so, but then I did some research on what others are charging… I realized that our pricing is way too low considering the time we are spending on 1 video compared to anyone else. At the same time I also understand that this new price increase puts us out of a lot of people’s budget.. And i feel like that’s okay. If you are a potential couple that would like to hire us but now feel like we are too expensive for your budget, please feel free to book someone else that fits within your budget. No hard feelings. If this increase results in us being booked for less weddings, it only means we’ll be able to make the weddings we do get booked for, even better than it currently is. Hope you all understand where we are coming from and don’t take it in the wrong way. we look forward to capturing more priceless moments and love stories this year. 

 (Please note : the package/pricing change does not apply to any couples who have already booked us.. Even the 2020 couples)